Saturday, March 6, 2010

Extremes of Sleep

Sleeping has been a hot topic, at least within this very blog of GTF Worldwide Sdn Bhd. Earlier, we have talked about the bad consequences of sleep deprivation, and we also have closely relating how insufficient sleep triggers high blood pressure in a healthy individual, and so on. From all these posts, apparently the right amount of sleeping time seems to be very essential.

In a recent study, a March issue in the journal Sleep. Researchers found another breakthrough discovery about sleeping. They found a close linkage between sleep and obesity. This research was being done by studying individuals who were under the age of 40.

Insufficient sleeping time, is often said to cause various metabolic syndromes, such as heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, as well as obesity. That is about insufficient sleep which is averagely less than 5 hours of sleep or so. Have you ever think about what could happen should you sleep too long? For example more than 8 hours of good night sleep each day?

Surprisingly, sleeping the day away does not do good to one's health as well. The researchers involved found that, by sleeping more than 8 hours for a night, it generally causing the same effect just as sleeping for less than 5 hours per night. In other words, sleeping for such number of hours (more than 8), metabolic syndromes which are mentioned would similarly occur, only less pronounced.

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